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Just Enough to Feed the Cows (2016)
A Job Well Done

here are some albums we've recorded


Our first foray into studio recording, we recorded this album over a weekend in Minneapolis with our friend Sam Kovar. It features 5 original songs, and our take on 5 traditional Bluegrass melodies. 


1. The Ballad of Captain Redbeard

2. Job Well Done

3. Hobo anthem

4. Southern Comfort

5. My Old Habits

6. Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms (live)

7. The Old Home Place (live)

8. Mountain Dew (live)

9. The Fox (live)

10. Will the Circle be Unbroken? (live)





Download this album on Amazon here

Our Sophomore album includes 9 original tracks, and one Bluegrass traditional. Pick one up at a show, or at The Piano Gal Shop in Sun Prairie. 

1. Prairie Sun (Feiner)

2. Jack's Song (Feiner)

3. I Work the Land (M Kvalheim)

4. Goin' to Vegas (M Kvalheim)

5. The Hopulist Anthem (J Kvalheim)

6. The Other Side of the Mountain (M Kvalheim)

7. Mountain Dog Run (inst) (Feiner)

8. The Airport Song (Every Other Time) (Feiner)

9. Don't Take the Barn Down (D Kvalheim)

10. How Mountain Girls Can Love (Carter Stanley)

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